Enterprise Growth
Group Profile

On October 2021, the non-public offering of Apple flavor& fragrance Group Co., Ltd. was successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the company.

Corporate Culture
Enterprise Growth

On November 2020, the new food ingredients R & D and manufacturing base of Shanghai Shenshun Food Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group, started laying the foundation.


​On August. 2019Jiangxi Apple Biotechnology Co., Ltd. of flavor and fragrance production base foundation of factories.

In 2018, Apple Group invests in “BIOU (Zhejiang) Food Industry Co., Ltd.” and “Shanghai MENGZE Trading Co., Ltd.”, and promotes synergies with own business of the company, initiates the strategy of providing one-stop solution of food ingredient, and motivates consumption upgrade of domestic food market.


APPLE Group established “Hangzhou Tianshun Food Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Apple Foods Ingredients Co.,Ltd. ”and “Shanghai PuYang Biotech Co., Ltd..


Apple Group established a JV company with “Creations & Parfums”, a French fragrance company, and the establishment a overseas subsidiary in Indonesia.


On March.25 2015, APPLE Group (stock code 603020) has been listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


The State Administration for Industry and Commerce disclosed officially a list of corporations in recognition for commercial integrity during 2012 to 2013. The Apple Group has been awarded at  this national level honor for its constant commercial integrity in business.


2012 key high-tech enterprise of national Torch Plan.


2011 Ranked No.1 in China Light Industry flavors and fragrances industry (flavor and fragrance)


2009 China well known trademark
The Trademark Bureau, the Trademark Assessment Committee and The State Administration for Industry and Commerce have awarded Apple Group with the ‘China Famous Trademark’ in recognition for its brand strategy, innovation activities, sound reputation and market competitiveness.


2006 Top 100 private companies in Shanghai.


2004 The State excellent performance enterprise in light industry.


2002 the establishment of post-doctoral research workstation.


2001 to become a member of IFEAT
In 2001, the company attended the International Federation of essential oils and spices trade (IFEAT) annual meeting, and officially became one of its member. This is another important measure for the company to move towards the world.


The company has been founded in 1995
Founded in 1995, with an initial registered capital RMB 9,600,000, the Apple Group began its business by manufacturing and sales off lavor, fragrance, raw material and food additives.

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