Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection

The Apple Group is ISO14001 certified thanks to our environmental management system.

We aim to promote the company’s Environmental Guidelines:

· Resources Conservation, Eco-friendly Production, and Emissions Management.
· Assure the effective use of resources, the minimization of pollutant release and the cost of

  energy covering allactivities of the company.
· Strict compliance with relevant legislation and pollutant treatment in accordance with the highest standards.

Environmental conservation costs

The Apple Groupis stressing a  great importance to environmental protection. We have invested in recent years. more than RMB 2,500,000 for the treatment of tail gas in Shanghai and Henan Production Base Every year, we invest about tens of thousands of yuan for the pollution treatment equipment.

Social Responsibility

The Apple Group is strictly complying with ISO 14001 standard and relevant legislation of environmental health and safety to reduce the environmental impact.

Group environmental management

The Apple Group is responsible for the supervision and inspection of subsidiary companies implementing the environmental conservation to ensure the compliance with the Environmental Guidelines.

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